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Lafitte, Louisiana

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Select a date from the calendar, enter the number of people in your party, and click Find Available Boats to see what boats / times are available. Times colored Orange are available, while times colored grey are not. Click on the Boat / Time combination you prefer, and your selection will turn green.

**Same day reservations can not be made online. Please call our reservations department to reserve your seats for all reservations made within 24 hours.
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Select a date and the number in your party to see available boats and times
Small Boats are $75 per person
Large Boats are $55 per person
Pickup is an additional $20 per person
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  • Pregnant women, children under 5 years of age, and anyone with neck or back problems are not allowed on airboats.
  • Airboats are high speed, open boats without a top. Hearing protection is provided on the boats. Should it start raining while you are on the boat, you will get wet. Ponchos are available for purchase in the gift shop at Airboat Adventures.